Wolf Pack Pro Petromax Kitchen Coffee AND Crockery Set

Take outdoor cooking convenience to the next level with this versatile, high-quality crockery, utensil and coffee set, all packed conveniently in a Wolf Pack Pro. It features the unique Perkomax Percolator as well as four mugs, four plates, and four bowls, all in scratch-resistant black enamel. It also comes with Front Runner's high-quality 24-piece kitchen utensil set.
Pris: 3543 kr
Enjoy the perfect morning cup, or more with the 1.3L/ 0.4 gal KITC196 which is suitable for outdoor and indoor use and is not limited in its heating method. The set comes supplied with four (4) scratch-resistant KITC197, two (2) KITC198 and two (2) KITC199. It also includes a high-quality 24-piece KITC041 which has everything from solid forks and spoons to steak knives (with high-quality, micro-serrated edges) and prep knives with professionally-forged knife blades. To top it off, everything fits neatly into a custom tool-style roll with adjustable straps and carrying handles. All contents store neatly in the included SBOX031.
Consists of: 1 x KITC196 - Perkomax Percolator / Black  4 x KITC197 - Enamel Mug / Black 2 x KITC198 - Enamel Plates / 2 Piece / Black  2 x KITC199 - Enamel Bowls / 2 Piece / Black  1 x KITC041 - Camp Kitchen Utensil Set  1 x SBOX031 - Wolf Pack Pro   Materials Used: Petromax: Enamelled Steel Wolf Pack Pro: Polypropylene black plastic Camp Kitchen Utensil Set: Steel utensils w/composite polyethylene handles   Product Dimensions: Overall Packed Kit Dimensions/ Wolf Pack Pro External Dimensions: 510mm (20.1'') L x 400mm (15.7'') W x 230mm (9.1'') H   Content Dimensions: Perkomax Percolator: 215mm (8.5''') H x 150mm (5.9'') L x 150mm (5.9'') W  Max Capacity: 1.3l (44 oz)(up to 9 coffee cups)   Enamel Mug: (per unit) 115mm (4.5'') L x 910mm (35.8'') W x 810mm (31.9'') H Capacity: 370ml (12.5fl oz)   Enamel Plate: (per unit) 260mm (10.2'') L x 260mm (10.2'') W x 29mm (1'') H   Enamel Bowls: (per unit) 143mm (5.6'') L x 143mm (5.6'') W x 55mm (2.2'') H Capacity: 600ml (20.29 fl oz)   Camp Kitchen Utensil Set: 450mm (17.7'') L x 210mm (8.3'') W x 50mm (2'') H   Total Weight: 11kg (24.25lbs)

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