Wolf Pack Pro Cargo System Bracket

Mount or remove your Wolf Pack Pros in seconds from your Pro Bed System or Pro Bed Rack Kit with this specially-designed side-mounting system. These durable brackets will hold your storage bin securely in place through any terrain while giving you easy access to all your adventure gear when you need it.
Pris: 1302,50 kr
This Cargo System Bracket secures the SBOX031 to the side of the Pro Bed System and Pro Bed Rack Kit. The SBOX031 is side-mounted, allowing quick and easy access to all your adventure gear while keeping it safe from the elements. Made of high-strength steel and sealed with the same durable, weather-resistant powder coating as the Front Runner Racks. The top and bottom latches are lockable with a RRAC134, preventing unwanted access.
Consists of:2 x Mounting Brackets2 x LatchesHardware KitFitting Instructions Materials used:Black powder coated high strength steel Product Dimensions:289mm (11.4'') L x 486mm (19.1'') (W) x 492mm (19.4'') H Weight:3.66kg (8.07lbs)

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