Vertical Surfboard Carrier Spare Pad Set

Give your vessel a fresh ride by reviving your Vertical Surfboard Carrier's worn foam pads with this durable and water-resistant spare pad set.
Pris: 395,00 kr
Ensures protection of your valuable surfboard. Soft-touch pads are made from a weather-resistant cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene for long-lasting reliability. Self-adhesive backing makes for an easy switch. Pads secure around the RRAC095. Sold in a set of 6.
Consists of:1 x Set of 6 Foam Pads Materials used:Cross Linked Closed Cell Polyethylene foam Product Dimensions:157mm (6.2'') L x 44mm (1.7'') W x 20mm (0.8'') H Weight: (per set)0.12kg (0.3lbs)

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