Universal Track / 1800mm(L)

A smart and strong mounting solution for slotting Front Runner roof rack feet into.​
Pris: 2090,00 kr
The Front Runner Tracks have been designed to accommodate a stud plate which slides into the t-slotted track and enables the foot assembly to be secured with nyloc nuts before the roof rack bolts on to the foot. Made from t-slotted aluminum extrusion. Often used for trailers and canopies to mount a rack or load bars. Each track is supplied with fitted double sided tape and a section of pre-cut rubber, which is used to protect the vehicle roof from the track. Powder coated black. Comes in pairs.
TRAC003 - Universal Track / 1800mm(L) - by Front Runner Consisting of:1 x TRAC003 - Universal Track / 1800mm(L) - by Front Runner Material used:Black epoxy powder-coated T6 aluminiumApproximate Installed Weight 3kg (8lbs)Shipping Dimensions:Width110mm (4)Length1880mm (74)Height 110mm (4)Shipping Weight:Weight4.0kg (8.9lbs)

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