TYREinflate 6000

Quickly get your tyres up to their optimum pressures with the cordless and rechargeable OSRAM TYREinflate 6000. It only takes two minutes to inflate a 13” tyre. Includes mains cable or can be plugged into your vehicle's 12V socket. It can also be used as a power bank. The perfect on-the-go tyre inflater.
Pris: 1133,75 kr
Cordless and rechargeable tyre inflator, ideal for camping and road trips. Rechargeable Li-ion battery.   Includes mains charger, plus 12V cable to power direct from in-car 12V socket if needed. Versatile Inflator for versatile applications Can inflate a 13'' tyre in approximately 2 minutes. Quick and efficient inflation of tyres. Auto-stop function. Quick to set with auto stop at the target pressure. For correct inflation of tyres and less risk of over or under inflation. Powerful LED light, Large backlit digital screen. Easy control of the inflation process. Improved reading and pressure settings with illumination in dark environments. Powerbank function and 10 piece accessory/adaptor kit. Enables you to use the product across a multitude of inflatables and charge your phone and other.
Consists of:1 x Rechargeable Digital Tyre Inflator and Air PumpInstallation HardwareFitting Instructions Product Dimensions:298mm (11.73'') L x 289mm (11.73'') W x 80mm (3.15'') HWeight:1.43kg (3.15lbs) Special Notes:180W12VGuarantee: 2 yearsSupplier SKU: OTIR6000

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