Telescopic Camping Light

Never be caught in the dark again while camping, barbecuing outside, or fishing. This portable 47W LED light features a 4.5m/14.7ft telescopic rod so you can install it at any height. It is remote-controlled and can be powered by your car’s battery or 12V outlet, or a 12V power bank.
Pris: 825,00 kr
Designed with an LED light panel of 47W, this light can perfectly illuminate a dark area. Includes a 4.5m/14.7ft extendable rod, so you can install it at any height. Comes with remote control. Highly versatile, making it ideal for camping, picnics, outdoor barbecue or for doing late-night mechanical repairs. Powered by your car’s battery, 12V outlet, or a 12V power bank. Note: This product is not waterproof and is not recommended to be used in wet weather conditions.
Consists of:1 x Lamp Plate1 x 4.5m Fishing Rod1 x Rod Stand1 x 5M Car Output Wire with Cigarette Lighter1 x Battery Clips1 x Remote Controller1 x Adjustable Bracket1 x Carry Bag Product Dimensions:Carry Bag/Overall Dimensions:780mm (30.7'') L x 80mm (3.2'') W x 150mm (5.9'') H LED Dimensions:228mm (9'') L x 113mm (4.4'') W Weight:1.48kg (3.3lbs) Special Notes:Rod Length: 4.5MLight power: 47w COBLuminous flux: 4598LMInput voltage: DC 12V

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