Surgeflow Compact Water System Pump / 3.8l Per Min

This compact and powerful pump can supply up to 3 fixtures, one or two at a time in your truck, camper or van.  Features: Built-in pressure switch. Self-priming and can run dry. Includes built-in thermal protector and hose barb ports. Pressure ON/OFF: 22/35 PSI.
Pris: 1732,50 kr
Compact Automatic Demand Diaphragm Pump Features: Compact Design Measuring 6.4 (160 mm) in Length. Fully Automatic Demand Pump. Self-priming and Can Operate Dry Without Damage. Built-in Thermal Protector. Sealed Pressure Switch and Motor. Low Noise, Acid, Alkali, Corrosion Resistant. Compact design and plug-in port fittings make installation easy. Sealed pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump when discharge valve is opened and closed. Self-priming so pump can be located above supply tank. Can run dry without damage and handle liquids up to 130° F (54°​ C). Low amp draw for battery powered applications. Soft compliant Santoprene mounting system. No metal contact with liquid being pumped.
Product Dimensions:L 200MM x W 110MM x H 70MM Weight:0.68kg

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