Soft Soak 30

The Soft Soak is a convenient, easy-to-pack, flexible, silicone rubber cleaning bowl specifically designed to soak the Cadac GreenGrill 30. The GreenGrill 30 requires soapy water to clean while protecting the grill’s non-stick properties. It’s also ideal for soaking dishes, cutlery, and other camp cooking utensils.
Pris: 238,75 kr
Easy to pack. Made from flexible, silicone rubber. Soak the GreenGrill in soapy warm water for perfect easy cleaning. Hygienic and protects the non-stick properties of the cooking grill.
Consists of:1 x Soft Soak 30 Product Dimensions:390 mm (15.4'')L 350 mm (13.8'')W 63 mm (2.9'')H Weight:0,5kg (1.1lbs) Supplier SKU:6540-900

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