Quick Release Dometic Fridge Strap

Make sure your fridge (or other gear) stays where you want it to with this easy-to-use Quick Release Fridge Strap. This is a quick way to safely secure your fridge to a fridge slide, on top of a drawer system or to a load bed slide. This strap system will give you peace of mind when off-roading.
Pris: 335,00 kr
A Strap to secure your Dometic fridges (and other makes) to the Front Runner fridge slides Perfect for securing Fridges to Front Runner Drawer systems, Fridge sliders and Load Bed Cargo Slides. Adjustable to secure a variety of fridges with a maximum usage length of 250mm (9.8''). For added peace of mind, use RRAC134 to lock your Quick Release Fridge Strap.
Consists of:2 x StrapsInstallation Hardware Fitment Guide Materials used:Black powder-coated high strength steel Mild Steel and Poly_Web Product Dimensions:160mm (6.3'') L x 36mm (1.4'') W x 30mm (1.2'') H Weight:0.27kg (0.6lbs)

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