Quick Release Coupling / DE

This coupling piece features a slick, secure Quick Release coupling system to easily attach and disconnect a gas hose to a barbecue. The coupling is suitable for 8mm or 1/4” left-hand thread (1/4” LH BSP) diameter hoses and has a self-sealing valve for leak-free use. The handy push-and-pull functionality allows for hassle free connections.
Pris: 142,50 kr
A coupling piece with Quick Release coupling. For easy unclipping and clipping of the gas hose to the BBQ. Suitable for any gas hose with a diameter of 8mm or 1/4” left-hand thread (1/4” LH BSP). Equipped with a self-sealing valve for safe use. The push pull system allows you to quickly, safely and easily disconnect the gas hose from your barbecue. Ideal for camping holidays or home use.
Consists of:1 x Quick Release coupling Product Dimensions:17mm (0.7'') L x 17mm (0.7'') W x 70mm (2.8'') H Weight:50g (1.8oz) Supplier SKU:338-DE

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