Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (QE Series) Sump and Gearbox Guard

Protect the Mitsubishi Pajero Sports sump and gearbox from damage. Bolts to existing mounting points with no modifications required.
Pris: 4765,00 kr
Prevent damage to the gearbox and sump when crossing over large obstacles and rough terrain. Manufactured from 3mm steel. Features the same durable, weather resistant black powder coating as all Front Runner racks. Installation hardware and fitting instructions included.
Consists of:1 x Sump Guard1 x Gearbox GuardInstallation HardwareFitting InstructionsMaterials used:Black powder coated high strength steelPlated steel boltsProduct Dimensions:807mm (31.8'') L x 656mm (25.8'') W x 211mm (8.3'') HWeight:12.1kg (26.7lbs)

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