MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Set

Securely mount MAXTRAX recovery devices to the Front Runner Recovery Device Adjustable Side Brackets and MAXTRAX bracket systems with these quick-release pins. Lockable with any TSA-style small padlock.
Pris: 533,75 kr
A set of 4 quick-release mounting pins to secure 1 or 2 pairs of MAXTRAX recovery devices to the RRAC103, RRAC147 and other MAXTRAX mounting systems. Made of black nylon and stainless steel. A set contains 4 stainless steel Nylock nuts and 4 stainless steel washers. Each mounting pin includes a hole to insert a small padlock (not included).   Please Note: This set is designed for and works with MAXTRAX MKII only (MaxTrax sold separately). These pins do NOT bolt directly to the Slimline II Roof Rack.
Consists of:4 x Mounting PinsInstallation HardwareMaterials used:Black NylonStainless SteelProduct Dimensions:140mm (5.5) L x 33mm (1.3) H x 30mm (1.2) WWeight:400g (14.1lbs)

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