LED Motion Sensor Headlamp

A headlamp is a must-have for any adventure - from a one-night camp out to a month-long overland journey, you simply cannot go without this convenient personal lighting solution. This model features motion sensing technology which allows for easy, hands-free on/off operation. Its 350 Lumens provides ample light and it is rechargeable via USB C-Type.
Pris: 180,00 kr
On/Off Wave Sensor Switch This headlamp provides 350 Lumens Features a wide 230˚ lighting area Rechargeable 1200mh lithium battery, USB C-Type White color cob light Includes 5 modes IPX4 weatherproof rated
Consists of:1 x LED Headlamp Adjustable 1 x Charging Cable USBC /USB Product Dimensions:One size fits all (Adjustable stretch Strap) Weight:110g (0.004oz)

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