LED Light Strip / 1.2M

Light up your next adventure with this ultra-flexible, versatile LED 1.2m (47.2”) LED light strip that provides an abundance of natural white light. Attaches nearly anywhere to illuminate your campsite, tent or awning, dimmable to the required intensity or mood.
Pris: 700,00 kr
For use in a camper, tent, boat or at home. The high intensity SMD5050 LEDs, delivers 6000k of natural white light for maximum clarity. 3 fully adjustable hook and loop mounting tabs make this light strip ideal for any application. 3 Snap hooks are included to mount your light strip for various uses, including the handy attachment points found in the TENT031, TENT045 as well as Front Runner range of awnings. The the touch-sensitive controller adjusts the light intensity ensures the desired amount light is delivered. Dimmer adjustment allows adjustment from 6000k brightness. Use the handy dimmer switch to adjust from bright utility lighting down to warmer, more intimate illumination inside your tent or awning room. Housed in a water, UV and scratch resistant clear PVC casing. Store your LED light strip and accessories in the supplied carry bag. Plugs into any USB port found in any power bank, laptop or car charger.
Consists of:1 x 1.2 Meters silicone-encased LED Light3 x Hook and loop hanging strips and carabiner mounts1 x Touch power / Dimmer switch1 x 5 meter cord with USB plug and waterproof connectors1 x Carry BagMaterials used:Water-repellant, UV-resistant 400d oxford polyesterProduct Dimensions:LED Strip:1.2M (47.2'') LPower Cable:5M (16.4ft) (Excluding Dimmer switch cable) Weight:LED Strip:275g (9.7oz)In Carry Bag:340g (12oz)Special Notes:Operating Voltage: 5V DCPower consumption: 10 WattsLED Chip: SMD5050Color Temp (CCT): 6000k

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