Land Rover Discovery LR4 (2013-2017) Sump Guard

A sump guard that mounts underneath your Land Rover Discovery and protects the engine's sump from damage.
Pris: 7988,75 kr
Front Runner offers sump guards specifically designed for the make and model of each vehicle. The fact that each model has it's own specific design means that the correct parts of the vehicle are protected from damage.This Front Runner Sump Guard is formed out of high strength steel and is black powder-coated for added resistance to the elements.This sump guard mounts to existing mounting points which means that no drilling or modification to the vehicle is necessary for fitment, furthermore, there are cut outs around integral areas and do not hinder the functionality of the vehicle's factory fitted parts, such as the Discovery's recovery point.**IMPORTANT NOTE: Not suitable for the 2013 LR4/Discovery 4 pre ''Face-lift'' version.
Consists of:1 x Sump Guard Plate2 x Aluminium SpacersInstallation hardwareMaterials used:Black powder-coated 4.5mm high strength stainless steelAluminiumProduct Dimensions:950mm (37.4'') W x 548mm (21.6'') L x 140mm (5.5'') H Weight:16.2kg (35.7lbs)

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