Land Rover Defender Puma (2007-2016) Gullwing Box Shelf

A shelf that fits into the Front Runner Gullwing Box for the Land Rover Defender Puma. Use these shelves to create different sections in the Gullwing Box for storing goods, crockery and supplies.
Pris: 1836 kr
Shelf made from plywood and powder-coated mild steel.Up to 6 of these shelves can be used in a gullwing box.Shelf has slots cut in to allow for various fixing straps or elastic straps to be used to secure plates or other items.
Consists of:1x Mild steel wood Shelf1x Installation Kit Material used:Shelf: Stained PlywoodShelf Support: Black powder-coated mild steel Product dimensions:264mm (10.4'') L x 856mm (33.7'') W x 36mm (1.4'') H Weight:3.8kg (8.4lbs)

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