Land Rover Defender (1983-2016) Under Console Safe

Provides a lockable, secure and inconspicuous place to store valuables. Installs under factory fitted center console, keeping the safe out of sight.
Pris: 2192,50 kr
This safe is bolted to the body of the vehicle under the original center console and is manufacturedfrom 2mm thick mild steel. It features a tamper proof cam lock and is carpet lined to protect your valuables and prevent rattling. Please Note: Installation of this product requires a Rivnut tool. We suggest using the VACC016.
Consists of:1x Under console safe2x Keys supplied Materials used:Black powder-coated mild steelCarpeted base Product Dimensions:433mm (17.1'') L x 275mm (10.8'') W x H 100mm (3.9'') Internal Dimensions:375mm (14.8'') L x 265mm W (10.4'') (Raised section)/205mm (8.1'') W (Lower Section) x 107mm (4.2'') H Weight:3.2kg (7.1lbs)

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