James Baroud Evasion Rooftop Tent / White

Get more room to get horizontal with the horizontally opening Evasion roof top tent from James Baroud. With its larger interior space you’ll be able to sit upright comfortably within the entire tent while enjoying the comfort and quality James Baroud is known for.
Pris: 38076,25 kr
A 1.42m (55'') wide roof top tent that is 2m (78.7'') long. At 335mm (13.2'') profile design looks great on any vehicle and assists with fuel efficiency when travelling. Opens onto a spacious high-density mattress to ensure a good night’s rest. Recommended to sleep 2 adults comfortably. Panoramic windows allow incredible views from the tent and the fly screens only separate the outside world making the interior feels much larger. To protect privacy, the lower edge of the window rises slightly. The Evasion Rooftop is equipped with three entrances, these are all double-layered door with fly screens and Velcro strips for complete closure. Manufactured from high-quality polyester canvas the fabric is connected to the roof shells with a circumferential piping rail making the tent waterproof and the fabric easily replaced in the event of damage. The All Season Touring™ canvas from the Dutch specialist Ten-Cate is comparatively light, but still strong and durable. The microporous six-layer acrylic coating makes it waterproof, breathable and weatherproof. It is also dirt-repellent and easy to clean. All tents come with a telescopic aluminium ladder (maximum length of 2440mm) that is adjustable in length and can also be comfortably used barefoot. Secures to your Front Runner rack with TBMK020 and TBMK013.
Consists of:1 x James Baroud Evasion Tent / White1 x Mattress1 x Dust Cover1 x 2 Part Aluminum Ladder1 x Battery light with charging cableMounting Kit Product Dimensions:Closed Dimensions:2000mm (78.7'') L x 1420mm (55'') W x 335mm (13.2'') H Internal Dimension:1980mm (78'') L x 1400mm (55.1'') W x 900mm (35.4'') H Weight:56 kg (123.5 lbs)Special NotesSku JB-465200

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