Hose Kit For Tap Extension Bracket

A Hose Kit for extending your Water tank tap away from your vehicle with the Tap Extension Bracket.
Pris: 1135,00 kr
Used together with the RRAC170. Allows you to extend your Water tank tap away from your vehicle to make pouring stored water effortless when out on any adventure. Designed to Swing in and out with the RRAC170. Includes 1.5m of clear hose and all necessary hardware.
Consists of:1 x 12mm Diameter x 1500mm (59'') length of clear hose1 x Locking Tap1 x ½” Threaded Female to Female Adapter2 x Hose clamp2 x ½” Bonded Washer1 x Right angled tank to pipe fitting1 x Straight tank to pipe fittingFitting instructions Materials used:SteelClear Hose Product Dimensions:1500mm (59'') L x 40mm (1.6'') W x 50mm (2'') H Weight:540g (19oz)

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