Hi-Lift Jack Bracket / Top Mount

The Hi-Lift jack is an invaluable off-road recovery and tire-changing device, but it can be an ungainly accessory to store and transport. Front Runner’s Hi-Lift Jack Bracket is a two-piece locking bracket that offers a solid, convenient, and accessible way to do this. It bolts easily to the top of your roof rack and, thanks to its powder coated steel construction, it is off-road tough.
Pris: 1421,25 kr
These two brackets bolt into the t-slots of your Front Runner roof rack. Used to mount a Hi-Lift Jacks to the top of your rack. Fits all size Hi-Lift Jacks. The Handle Bracket opens to allow access to your Hi-Lift Jack. Made from steel and finished with the same durable, weather resistant black powder coating as the Front Runner Racks. The Handle Bracket is lockable with the RRAC134.
Consists of:1 x Handle bracket1 x Base bracketInstallation HardwareFitment Instructions Material used:Black powder coated high strength steel Product Dimensions:Handle Bracket:155mm (6.1'') L x 85mm (3.4'') W x 110mm (4.3'') H Base Bracket:69mm (2.1'') L x 207mm (8.2'') W x 115mm (4.5'') H Weight:2.34kg (5.2lbs)

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