Ford Ranger Raptor (2020-2022) Lockable Under Seat Storage Compartment

Keep your passports, cash, travel documents and mobile devices out of sight and locked securely in this all-steel safe, which fits neatly under the rear seats of the Ford Ranger Raptor (2020-2022) double-cab. Peace of mind on any adventure, guaranteed.
Pris: 2257,50 kr
A lockable and hidden safe storage space is a must when travelling with cash, passports, travel documents or mobile devices. Mounts out of sight under the rear seat, yet is easily accessible. The set includes both left and right-hand safes for the voids underneath the rear seats. Manufactured from black powder coated 14-gauge thick steel. A must-have when camping in remote locations without visible security. Fitting instructions and hardware included. Note: Installation of this product requires a Rivnut tool. We suggest using the {VACC016).
Consists of:1 x Left Hand Safe1 x Right Hand Safe2 x Cam Locks Incl. 2 keys per lock (4 Total)Installation HardwareFitting Instructions Materials used:Black powder coated steel Product Dimensions:Left Hand Safe:472mm (18.6'') L x 211mm (8.3'') W x 5mm (0.2'') H Right Hand Safe:474mm (18.7'') L x 308mm (12.1'') W x 5mm (0.2'') H Weight:4.49kg (9.9lbs)

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