Ford Bronco (2021-Current) Ditch Mount A-Pillar Light Brackets

Get your Ford Bronco ready to light up the world with these useful Ditch Mount A-Pillar Light Brackets. It is simple to install and a great place to mount extra pod-type lights. Brackets can also be used to house a small antenna.
Pris: 358,75 kr
Durable spot light mounts for your Ford Bronco. Installs easily to the hood latch using existing factory bolts. No drilling required. This Bracket allows fitment of various pod lights to increase field of vision at night. Can also be used to mount small antenna's. Sold in pairs.
Consists of:2 x Ford Bronco Ditch Mount A-Pillar Light BracketsFitment Guide Installation Hardware Materials used:Black powder-coated high strength steel Product Dimensions:70mm (2.8'') L x 116mm (4.6'') W x 47mm (1.9'') H Weight:464g (16.4oz)

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