Enamel Plates / 2 Piece / Black

Eat outside in style with these enamel plates from Petromax. Enamel is a long-time tableware favorite for outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its low weight, scratch resistance, and easy-to-clean cleaning properties. The plates will not corrode, are fade-resistant, and feature a retro design that won’t be out of place in your home kitchen.
Pris: 296,25 kr
Comes in a set of two. Food-safe tableware for the whole family. Hygienic and impact-resistant with a stainless-steel rim. Scratch-resistant and quick to clean for easy handling.
Consists of:2 x Enamel Plate Materials used:Black enameled steel Product Dimensions: (per unit)260 (10.2'') L x 260mm (10.2'') W x 29mm (1'') H Weight: (per unit)325g (11.5oz) Special Notes:Supplier SKU:PX-PLATE-26-S

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