Dometic Reunion FTG 4X4 Tent Carpet / Fleece

Upgrade your camping experience by adding some extra warmth and comfort to your tent with this soft yet durable fleece carpet. Tailored to fit your 4-person tent, it comes in a convenient carry bag for storage and transportation.
Pris: 717,50 kr
This durable carpet is perfectly tailored to your tent. Soft material for more comfort. Durable construction for years of use. With carry bag.
Consists of:1 x Carpet1 x Carry bag Materials used:Fleece Product Dimensions:2200mm (86.6'') L x 2200mm (86.6'') W x 2mm (0.1'') H Weight:1.2kg (2.7lbs) Special Notes:SKU: 9120002129

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