Dometic PerfectWall PW 1500 Awning / 3.5M

This robust wall awning is ideal for large vehicles. It features aluminum end caps for high resistance and the patented automatic drop profile enables smooth retraction and extension.
Pris: 21146 kr
100%, Aluminum end caps testify to the high-quality standards of the PW 1500 and contribute to its long service life. The automatic rotatable front profile retracts the awning easily and quietly. The Dometic PerfectWall PW 1500 Awning / 3.5M is operated manually with an extendable hand crank. Alternatively, you can also use a fully integrated 12 V motor with manual override. The Dometic PerfectWall PW 1500 Awning / 3.5M extends out to 2500mm/2750mm (98.4''/108.3”). Supported with the patented Easy Lock Flipper to secure the awning, robust, UV-protected, reinforced vinyl, and pull-out hand crank.
Consists of:1 x Horizon Grey Awning / 3.5m1 x Telescopic Manual crank2 x Telescopic support legs with Easy Lock FlipperEnd Caps Materials used:UV-protected reinforced vinylAluminium Product Dimensions:Closed Dimensions:3500mm (137.8'') W x 93mm (3.7'') D x 137mm (5.4'') H Open Dimensions:3500mm (137.8'') W x 2500mm (98.4'')/2750mm (108.3'') D Weight:24kg (53lbs) Special Notes:SKU: 9103104419

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