Dometic HUB / Inflatable Activity Shelter

Configure the Dometic HUB to your adventure needs by adding annexes, mesh panels, wall panels, or connection tunnels for endless possibilities. With an easy setup, reliable shelter is only minutes away.
Pris: 8955,00 kr
A 2.3m x 2.3m inflatable, quick set-up standalone shelter or a zippered airlock with your SUV or campervan. Installation in seconds. Pull the bottom strap tight and adjust the buckle to apply tension with the Quickpatch™ Guy System. Durable and weather resistant Double Weathershield ™ Pro polyester canvas. Integrate the AWNI091 floor mat, made of durable PVC, to resist possible damage from hard, stony floors. HUB can be used as a tent or awning. You can add up to three AWNI069 to sleep 6 people under the same roof.
Consists of:1 x Awning4 x QuickPitch straps4 x Storm straps1 x 2L pump1 x Peg pack1 x Manual1 x Carry bag Product Dimensions:2300mm (90.6'') L x 2300mm (90.6'') W x 2300mm (90.6'') H Connection Height:Min 1800mm (70.9'')Max 2100mm (82.7'') Weight:13.8kg (30.4lbs)Special notes:SKU: 9120001506

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