Dometic GO Compact Camp Table / Bamboo

The unique design of Dometic’s CMP T4 Table features a resilient surface and sturdy construction that folds down to half its size for simple transport.
Pris: 2376,25 kr
Adjusts to three different heights (coffee table, kids’ table, dining/prep). Seats four adults. Legs attach at table corners for optimized comfort. Folds down to fit in half the width of your vehicle’s trunk. Constructed from solid bamboo (surface) and aluminum (legs), with an integrated carrying handle. Carrying case sold separately. Part of Dometic Go collection.
Consists of:Dometic GO Compact Camp Table / Bamboo Product Dimensions:1000mm (39.37'') L x 649.98mm (25.59'') W x 694.94mm (27.36'') H Weight:9.36kg (20.64 lbs) Special Notes:SKU: 9600050818AUS SKU: 9600051552

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