Dometic CI 87L/22.9Gal Cool-Ice IceBox / Stone

This highly efficient and extremely light ice box keeps ice frozen for several days. Thanks to the thick freezer compartment foam insulation and the unique labyrinth seal, you can enjoy ice-cold drinks even when the outside temperature is very high.
Pris: 4765,00 kr
A 87 litre efficient and lightweight cooler. Robust and durable construction of food grade polyethylene. Features thick, refrigeration-grade insulation and specially designed labyrinth seal to keep ice for longer. Hygienic and easy to clean with large drain plug. Heavy-Duty folding polyethylene handles with integrated lashing points to secure your cooler. Durable integrated hinges with stainless steel rods and durable rubber closures. Integrated polyethylene feet. 5-year warranty.
Consists of:1 x CI 85 Insulated cooler 87l Product Dimensions:525mm (20.7'') L x 840mm (33.1'') W x 432mm (17'') H Weight:14kg (30.9lbs)Special notes:SKU: 9600000544

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