Dometic Büttner MT 300-2FL Kit

This FLAT LIGHT complete system works with two ultra-flat, ultra-light 150-watt solar modules. This makes them ideal for use on panel vans or high roofs, where the installation height must be as low as possible. The two solar modules are glued directly to the vehicle roof. High-performance solar cells guarantee solid solar performance even in hot holiday regions.
Pris: 28643,75 kr
Ultra flat and ultra light - ideal for camper vans, vans, high roofs and pop-up roofs Solar modules are firmly glued to the vehicle roof (theft-proof) Ready-to-install complete system (including solar controller and complete installation accessories) Also suitable for slightly curved roof surfaces (bending radius 3 cm in the longitudinal direction) Excellent daily performance even at high outside temperatures Self-cleaning, highly transparent top layer protects against extreme weather conditions Solar module can be fully walked on when laid flat
Consists of:1 x Complete solar system, 2 x 150 W, ultra flat Product Dimensions:1380mm (54.3'') L x 540mm (21.3'') W x 19mm (0.7'') H Weight:9.50kg (20.9lbs) Special Notes:Supplier SKU: 9620000324Model: MT140FL

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