Dometic Büttner MT 130CDS Kit

This CDS POWER LINE complete system works with a 130 watt high-end solar module. A second, equivalent module can be retrofitted at any time. A new type of connection technology makes the solar system significantly less sensitive to partial shading. A great advantage when she has to share the space on the roof with other superstructures. Supplied complete with installation accessories.
Pris: 13481,25 kr
Always ready to perform - even when partially shaded by luggage racks, satellite systems, roof boxes or open skylights Maximum reliability - even in storms, hail and extreme temperature fluctuations Ready-to-install complete system (including solar controller and complete installation accessories) Special front glazing for optimal energy yield in unfavorable light conditions Mechanical strength at wind speeds up to 225 km/h Absolute fatigue strength - suitable for extreme applications (e.g. expeditions) Water pressure-tight junction box - no moisture penetrates, even at high speeds
Consists of:1 x Complete solar system, 1 x 130 W, resistant to shading Product Dimensions:1449mm (57'') L x 530mm (20.9'') W x 66mm (2.6'') H Weight:13.60kg (30lbs) Special Notes:Supplier SKU: 9620000238Model: MT130CDS

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