Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron

Protect your Potjie Pot/Dutch Oven and any other cast iron cookware from rust and other damage with this conditioner made from natural ingredients. This care conditioner allows you to renew the seasoning of your Dutch Oven as well as season new cast-iron cookware for the first time. Apply after every cooking procedure for best results.
Pris: 178,75 kr
The Petromax Care and Seasoning Conditioner made of natural ingredients protect the pre-treated surface (seasoned finish) of Petromax Dutch Ovens and any other cast iron cookware. The food-safe conditioner is most effective when it is applied after every cooking procedure. It will maintain the pre-seasoned surface of your Dutch Oven. The conditioner also protects from rust. The conditioner suits perfectly for a very first seasoning as well as a re-seasoning. A (re-)seasoning with the conditioner enables you to eliminate rusty spots. Unlike standard cooking oil, the conditioner, thanks to a refined blend of different natural oils, does not become rancid. It is ideal for long-lasting storage purposes. The regular use of the food-safe care conditioner will create over time a high-quality patina. This patina will not only improve the quality of your Dutch oven but will also optimize its cooking features.
Consists of:1 x Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron Content:250ml / 8.45oz Weight:226g / 8oz

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