Black Tie Down Rings / Eye Bolts for Tracks

Create a sturdy, secure tie-down base for your Front Runner Stratchits (or any other style of tie-down strap) with these Tie Down Rings/Eye Bolts. They can be used in load bed tracks and on flat surfaces.
Pris: 190,00 kr
The supplied channel nut can be used in accessory channels found on the side of pick-up load beds. This allows the tie-down ring to be secured in any position along the channel. No tools are required and they can be tightened by hand. Perfect for use with the Front Runner Stratchits or any style tie-down strap. Supplied in pairs. Not compatible for slat t-slots, for Front Runner Roof Racks or Load Bars use RRAC012.
Consists of:2 x M8 Eye Nut2 x M8 x 20 Forged Bolt2 x M8 Nylon Washer Materials used:Made from galvanized steel supplied with bolt plastic washer Product Dimensions:50mm (2'') L x 35mm (1.4'') W x 20mm (0.8'') H Weight:0.12kg (0.26lbs)

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