BBQ set of 3

With this BBQ set, you'll have everything you need to create delicious grilled meals whether at home or on an adventure. Crafted from durable heat-resistant plastic, the spatula, tongs, and fork ensure safe handling of hot food without compromising the integrity of your CADAC GreenGrill coating. Effortless cleaning is also guaranteed, as they are conveniently dishwasher-safe.
Pris: 178,75 kr
Spatula, tongs and fork Made from heat-resistant plastic (max. 270˚C / 518˚F) Protects the CADAC GreenGrill coating from scratches and damage Dishwasher safe
Consists of:1 x Spatula1 x Tongs1 x Fork Materials used:Heat-resistant plastic Special Notes:Supplier SKU: 98329VDishwasher safeMaximum Heat: 270˚C / 518˚F

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