Alu-Cab Roof Top Tent Mount Kit / 1425mm

Now, you can easily mount an Alu-Cab tent to your reliable Front Runner Roof Rack, thanks to this black powder-coated steel Tent Mount Kit, which consists of four brackets and two support channels, plus all the necessary nuts and bolts.
Pris: 2926,25 kr
Mount your Alu-Cab tent with this specifically made Tent Mount Kit to the Front Runner Roof Rack. This kit consists of four (4) x Tent Mount Bracket/Standard which match the roof rack's low profile (30mm H) and two (2) 1425mm slats to support your tent. They are made from black powder-coated steel, have pre-cut mounting holes and all mounting pieces (eg. bolts and nuts) are included. Additional Alu-Cab tent mount kit, TBMK044 is available.
Consists of:2 x Tent Mount Bracket/Standard1 x Roof Load Bar Pair 1425mm(W)Fitting instructionsInstallation hardware Materials used:Black powder-coated steel Product Dimensions:244mm (9.6'') L x 60mm (2.4'') W x 25mm (1'') H (Single Bracket) Weight:5.34kg (11.8lbs)

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