20l Fuel Jerry Can - Black Steel Finish

Extend your adventure range with the classic Wedco style 20l Fuel Jerry Can. This fuel-carrying solution is constructed from 0.8mm Steel and coated with petrol-resistant enamel, which prevents rusting.​
Pris: 657,50 kr
The highest quality Jerry can out there. Manufactured from 0.8mm Steel. Dual pan construction. Seam welded for extra strength. Three Handle Configuration. Leak-proof Bayonet Closure. Locking pin in cap. Strengthened hinge on cap to prevent accidental bending when closing. Lined inside with petrol-resistant enamel to prevent rusting. Black painted exterior. For easy pouring JCFU006 is recommended. *sold separately Stores snug in Front Runner's JCHO013 or JCHO014 *sold separately Note: This Jerry can is not designed to carry water. For a water solution please use WTAN073 or WTAN070.
Consists of:1x Jerry can with air-tight cap Materials used:Black painted steel Product Dimensions:350mm (13.8'') L x 165mm (6.5'') W x 460mm (18.1'') H Weight:3.82kg (8.42lbs)Special Notes SKU 20LJCB

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