10in LED Light Cover / Yellow

This Yellow Light Cover by OSRAM clips onto your Front Runner 10” LED Light Bar as needed for campsites or off-road driving. Filtering the LED light to yellow can help reduce the intensity of your Light Bar while driving, or even create a warmer atmosphere for campsites that attracts less bugs.
Pris: 238,75 kr
Easily clips onto the Front Runner LIGH212 to change the light color from white to yellow Made with robust polycarbonate plastic to endure under the harshest conditions The yellow light creates a cozy atmosphere and attracts less bugs when relaxing at a campsite or off the beaten path
Consists of:1 x 10'' LED Light Cover / Yellow Materials used:Polycarbonate plastic Product Dimensions:252mm (9.9'') L x 39mm W (1.5'') x 62mm (2.4'') H Weight:50g (1.8oz)

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