Chain Mail Cleaner

Use this chain mail utensil to effortlessly clean your wrought- and cast-iron pans and skillets. Made from high-quality, stainless steel the intertwined rings gently removes food residues without scratching the cookware’s surface.
Pris: 190 kr
The large contact area of the interlocking rings made of stainless steel cleans your cast and wrought iron effectively without damaging the valuable patina. Before cleaning, you should let the cookware cool well. Then let it soak briefly in warm water. To avoid corrosion, you should dry your Chain Mail Cleaner XL.
Consists Of:1 x Chain Mail Cleaner Materials used:Stainless steel Dimensions:145mm (5.7'') L x 10mm (0.4'') W x 10mm (0.4'') H Weight: 0.7kg (1.5lbs)

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